About us

DGC is a construction and maintenance service provider capable of providing most industrial project needs. Ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency at the most affordable prices. Capable of managing large projects, and willing to help with smaller projects. Experience in renovations, new installations, demolition, construction, hazardous waste management, concrete work, unit assemblies, pressure vessel repairs, piping repairs, industrial system installations, and maintenance.

Our team has robust knowledge and experience on various types of scopes; to include but not limited to, crane work, confined space jobs, renovations, demolitions, alterations, repairs, painting, electrical installations, fencing, gate installations, welding, corrective and preventive maintenance on process machinery.

DGC provides a broad range of corrective and preventive maintenance; we specialize in various manufacturing and industrial process equipment . DGC conducts construction repairs, installations, and renovations; we specialize in concrete, painting, insulation, special coating, demolition, construction, electrical, and many more. DGC has been in business for over 10 years and we take pride in providing the best quality, efficiency, and pricing possible.

License # 893781